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Charleston, South Carolina's oldest and most respected Gold and Silver Buyer

American Metals Company was founded in 1960 by Milton P. Demetre, and was one of the first and a pioneering company in the purchase of Precious Metals from jewelry stores and the public. At that time, small jewelry stores had no quick and easy way to sell the Precious Metals scrap they would accumulate through repair jobs, broken/old merchandise, or old jewelry purchased from customers. Also, Gold was selling for $35.00 per troy ounce at the time so it often took them some time to accumulate enough Precious Metals to make it worthwhile to send to a large refiner, and pay for the costs of shipping and processing which often took several weeks. Milton Demetre, a young Air Force Officer at the time, had the idea of starting a business that would buy any amount of Precious Metals from the jewelers and public quickly and efficiently with immediate payment. This enabled jewelers to send off their accumulated Precious Metals more often with quicker payment, and soon jewelers were mailing in their Precious Metals from all over the country. American Metals Company became widely known and respected in the jewelry industry for quick and honest service. In 1980, with the knowledge and experience he had gained over the years from operating American Metals Company, Milton Demetre also decided to open a retail jewelry store. He bought and renovated a beautiful historic old bank building at 253 King Street, Charleston, SC, and opened MP Demetre Jewelers, as well as moving the offices of American Metals Company to this building. MP Demetre Jewelers became one of Charleston's most respected and popular stores and is today a nationally known luxury jewelry store. American Metals Company and MP Demetre Jewelers continue to be operated and run daily by the Demetre family.

By selling your Gold and Precious Metals to American Metals Company, you can be confident and feel at ease that you are dealing with a well established company, family run and operated, with strong and lasting ties to their community. We do not use gimmicks and false promises to entice you to send us your Precious Metals. We do not use foreign call centers to communicate with our customers or "chat" with you online. We do not start Internet sites under a different name pretending to independently review other gold buyers, then direct you to our site.  We do not advertise a price, then pay you less once we have your Precious Metals.  What we do is honestly and accurately pay you fairly and quickly for your Precious Metals and strive to live up to our reputation for quality service established over 60 years. Every item that you mail or bring in to us is personally looked at, tested, and value determined by founder and owner Milton P. Demetre or a member of his family. No other Gold, Silver, and Platinum buying company can claim this level of expertise and service. 

We look forward to serving you and purchasing your Gold, Silver, and Platinum!



We buy most forms of  Precious Metals- Gold, Silver, Platinum- including:

 Gold Jewelry- 10K, 14K, 18K or 24K- new, used, or broken- any condition- even small amounts- For example: Chains, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Charms, Pendants, Lockets, Broaches, etc.

10K, 14K School Class Rings- any condition

Platinum Jewelry- new, used, or broken- any condition

Sterling Silver Jewelry- new used, or broken- any condition

Sterling Silverware Flatware including Forks, Spoons, Bowls, Platters, Cups, etc.- any condition(Silver items must be stamped Sterling!)

Yellow Dental Gold Teeth, Bridges, and Crowns (Dental Gold must be Yellow)

10K, 14K, 18K Gold Watch Cases, Bands, etc.

Gold Filled and Plated Eye Glass Frames, Watch Cases, Bands, etc .

Also, Industrial Gold, Silver, and Platinum including:

Jewelry Scrap, Jewelers Bench Sweeps, Filings, Grindings- Platinum Rings, Wires, Crucibles, etc.

We are not Pure Gold Bullion or Coin Dealers and generally do not purchase Bullion or Coins. 

 If you want cash right away
Start a treasure hunt today
Look in all the hiding places
Jewelry boxes, drawers and vases
Go from the basement up to the attic
Your reward comes automatic
Turn jewelry you can’t use or mend
Into cash that you can spend
Morning, Evening, Afternoon!
We’ll be looking to hear from you soon!
New, damaged, broke, bent, or smashed!
For these items we’ll pay highest cash!

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