Buyers of Gold * Silver * Platinum * Jewelry* Since 1960

Sell your Gold, Silver, and Platinum to one of the nations oldest and most respected Precious Metals Buyers - located in historic
Charleston, South Carolina!

1. Email us at or call us at either 843-722-2073 or 843-532-7679 for any information needed!

2. Bring your Gold, Silver, or Platinum to our convenient location in the heart of downtown Charleston at 253 King Street (Demetre Jewelers Building) for immediate processing and payment.  No appointment necessary. Hours: Monday- Saturday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

                 For customers outside of the Charleston, SC area:

1. Mail your Gold, Silver, or Platinum to us using any form of mail service

2. U
pon receiving your package, we will immediately process your shipment using our state-of- the-art, NON-DESTRUCTIVE method to accurately determine the Precious Metals content of your items.

3. We will
contact you with our payment amount for your Gold, Silver, or Platinum the same day we receive your shipment. Upon your approval of our payment amount, we will immediatly mail you a company check. 

4. Since we use NON-DESTRUCTIVE methods of determining your shipment value
, we will hold your Gold, Silver, and Platinum intact and unchanged for 7 days. Should you not be satisfied with our offer, we will return your shipment WHOLE and INTACT. YOU CAN’T LOSE!

                                                        Ship to:

                                     AMERICAN METALS COMPANY
                                      (Demetre Jewelers Building)
                             CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA 29401


CONTACT US for quotes or other information. We will promptly answer any questions. 

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