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1. Why choose American Metals Company to sell my Gold, Silver, and Platinum?

We are a family run business, long standing members of our community, and our reputation for honesty and customer service is vitally important to us. We have been in business continuously advertising to and buying Gold, Silver, and Platinum from the jewelry trade and public for over 60 years, and have operated from the same location and mailing address in Charleston, South Carolina for over 40 years!

You will not be dealing with a person in a call center in another country reading from prepared material, quoting you false amounts to entice you to send your Precious Metals to them! All communication will be with the owner of American Metals Company or his family.

Your gold is personally processed and payment amount determined by founder and owner Milton P. Demetre or another family member. 

We offer the expertise and trustworthiness that jewelers have experienced with us for over 60 years to the general public! We guarantee your satisfaction with our service and price paid, or we will return your Precious Metals to you- unchanged and at no charge to you!


2. What kind of Gold, Silver, and Platinum will you accept?

We generally accept all items containing some form of Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum.)  Go to our WHAT WE BUY page for a more comprehensive listing. We are not Pure Gold Bullion or Coin dealers, and recommend selling Gold coins and Bullion to dealers specializing in that market.

3. Do you buy Diamonds or other gemstones?

No, we are not diamond or gemstone buyers. However, we will be glad to remove any diamonds or gemstones that you would like back from your jewelry and return them to you- usually while you wait.  

4. How much will you pay me for my Gold and other Precious Metals?

Go to our PRICES PAID page or CONTACT US now for immediate quote.

Unlike most other Gold, Silver, and Platinum buyers, we do not pay you less or on a decreasing sliding scale for smaller amounts. You can be assured you will receive your top price no matter how small the amount of your Gold, Silver, or Platinum.

5. Can I sell my Gold, Silver, and Platinum at your Charleston, SC location instead of shipping it to you?

Yes, should it be more convenient for you, you can bring your Precious Metals to our location at 253 King Street (Demetre Jewelers Building) for immediate processing and payment while you wait.

6. Do you buy Gold Plated or Silver Plated (i.e. costume jewelry) items?

We do buy true Gold Filled items which is an older form of plating that has a recoverable gold layer. However, modern gold microplating is so microscopic that the value of the gold layer is less than the cost of removing it. Therefore, we can not purchase gold microplated items. We will be glad to test all items for you though, as often times you may think it is plated, and it turns out to be true gold.

For Silver jewelry or flatware and decorative items, we only purchase Sterling Silver or pure Silver. Silver plated items do not have enough recoverable silver as the costs to remove the small layer outweighs the value of the silver. Again, we recommend you bring in any and all of your items so that we can test and determine whether they are plated or not.

7. Do you sell Gold and Silver Bullion to the public?

No, we are strictly Precious Metals buyers. We do not sell any form of Bullion, Coin,etc to the public. We recommend a Bullion dealer or Coin dealer if you wish to purchase Precious Metals for yourself. 

8. If mailing, how do I package my shipment and mail it to you?

You can easily and affordably ship your Precious Metals through the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx using their free packing envelopes or small boxes. We can help you determine the proper insurance amount. Upon receiving it, we sign for your package thereby guaranteeing you that the package is in our possession and we are fully responsible for it and its contents. We will also be glad to contact you once we receive the package.

9. What if I am not satisfied with the amount I have been paid?

We pay you the highest amounts for your Gold, Silver, and Platinum among the Precious Metals buying services- but should you not be satisfied....... No problem! Since we use non destructive methods to determine the value of your Precious Metals, if you are selling to us at our location, we will immediately return your items to you in the same condition as received. 

If shipping to us, we will contact you the same day we receive the shipment and go over the results with you. If not satisfied, we will immediately ship back to you your items in the same condition as we received them.   

Even after selling your items, we will hold your shipment for 7 days after processing. If not satisfied, we will return it to you intact and in the same condition as we received it at no charge to you. You cannot lose!

                                                                                   THANK YOU!

 We look forward to meeting you, purchasing your Precious Metals, and serving you soon!

                                                     AMERICAN METALS COMPANY
                                                       (Demetre Jewelers Building)
                                                              253 KING STREET
                                                          CHARLESTON. SC 29401

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